Formalize employer-employee relationship with readymade employment contract templates. Check sample here.
Formalize employer-employee relationship with readymade employment contract templates. Check sample here.

Employment Contracts are friendly, fair and precise

Transparency and fairness, the core pillars of building trust between an company and its employees.

With RevvSales, you don’t have to worry about how to write a temporary employment contract.

Employee onboarding should be exciting and delightful!

Employees (and consultants or interns) are any company's primary assets. It's said that if one takes care of their employees, they take care of the business. An employment contract establishes the relationship between an employer and employee. Making the contract fair to both ensures that both work towards making the other successful. Do you get puzzled while drafting an employment contract? We provide readily available draft for an employment contract that's easy to use and understand. It is customizable to suit your organizational needs and provides guidance on major aspects such as compensation, termination, position, and much more.

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The must-haves in any employment contract:

Responsibility: The title, function, organization and general expectations should be clearly laid out. The employee needs to know where and how they fit inside the company.

Code of Conduct: What are expectations from the employee whilst they are employed with the company and even after? The policies that help them understand what to do, when.

Compensation: Money matters to everyone and ensuring all components are clearly outlined is important. What's base salary, how much will be variable pay, and if there's any equity?

Measurement: Not mandatory, but good to mention how performance will be evaluated and appraised. This helps an employee understand where they should focus their energy on while on the job.

Benefits and Perks: Sweeten the deal with benefits that are expected in your industry. Adding in some that help retain good talent is the icing on the cake.

Tenure: Guidance on joining date, probation, confirmation, release and termination. What are expectations for each such event and actions that precede or succeed any of these?

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