Which Send Option Is Better for Me?
  • 21 Jun 2021
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Which Send Option Is Better for Me?

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You create documents to share with others. You would like your receipients to review documennts, and provide acceptance, or approval for your documents. If you have a big team, you want your users to collaborate on documents. In some cases, you might want them to sign on your documents.
Some of your customers/upper management might not want to log in to any third-party application to view, they might just want a document link to view the document.

Revv provides answers to all of your document sending requirements:
Revv provides many options for sharing documents with others. In addition to the multiple options for sending documents to others for review, acceptance, and approval, you can use the e-Signature feature for getting documents e-signed. Evaluate your options and chosse the best option suited for you.

Revv Send Options

The supported document sharing options are:

Send to someone

Send to someone option allows you to send your documents to other users (both external and internal users) for reviewing or editing your documents.

Send for acceptance

If you want to send your documents for your stakeholders' acceptance, use this option. You can use this option when you want your stakeholders' acceptance, not signature for your documents. When you use this option, the recipients of your documents need not be logged in to Revv. They can accept/reject documents without logging into the system.

Get a magic link
Shareable links help you to copy and share the links with anyone. Recipients of these links cannot edit the original file in any way (links are view-only) and do not need an account. Shareable links let anyone access the files from anywhere, across all devices.

To generate a sharable link:

Navigate to the document you want to share
On the Document, click Send at the top right of the page
Move to the Share with anyone option and switch it on to get a shareable link
Once the option is enabled, the link will be generated.
Simply click copy, then paste it into an email, chat message, or anywhere else.


If you want to get your users' e-signature for documents, use the e-Sign option.

Invite people

Invite people option allows you to send the document to internal users to collaborate on documents.

Send for approval

If you want to send your document to your internal stakeholders for their approval, use Send for approval option. It checks whether you have any approval workflows associated with the document, if yes, it sends the document to approvers for their approval. If no approval workflows are associated, then, your documents will be automatically approved.

Before you send your documents to others, use the preview option to preview your documents. The preview view shows exactly how each page of your document in the pdf format will be visible to other users.

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