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Facebook Marketing Contract
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Prepared for:
[Client Company]

Prepared by:
[Sender Company]

Facebook Marketing Contract

This Facebook Marketing Contract (hereinafter referred to as the "Contract") is entered into effective on [Date]

By and Between

[Company Name] (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”), having its principal place of business at [Address], and;

[Client Name] (hereinafter referred to as the “Client”), having its principal place of business at [Address],

The Company and the Client are collectively referred to as "Parties" and "Party" individually.

WHEREAS the Company is a digital marketing agency and provides social media services 

AND WHEREAS the Client is desirous to avail the Facebook marketing services from the Company

NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the promises and covenants between the Parties hereto agree as follows:
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Terms and Conditions

1. Description of Services

The Company hereby engages in digital marketing services and accepts to provide Facebook marketing services to the Client. The services include [Mention the Services]. The Client agrees that the Company has knowledge and experience in the digital marketing industry and ensures to provide such services to the Client.

2. Fees and Expenses

The Client shall be billed through an invoice monthly system amounting to [Amount]. The Company shall spend [Hours] for conducting the Client's services. The work shall begin at [Date] and shall continue until the services are completed.

3. Clients Legal Requirements

It is the Client's sole responsibility to ensure that all the legal requirements are met, which includes ensuring claims on advertising, and graphics which are true and lawful.

4. Confidentiality

During the term of this Contract, the Client shall share the information that includes trade secrets, industry knowledge, and other confidential information to the Company to complete the project. The Company shall not disclose any of the shared information at any time to third parties or for personal benefit. 

5. Termination

Either Party may terminate/cancel this Contract by written notice to the other Party. In case of breach of the terms and conditions herein by any Party, the Party in breach shall remedy it within [Number of Days] days upon receiving such notice of the breach. Failure to remedy the breach will lead to the termination of this Contract without prior notice.

6. Ownership Rights

The Client continues to own any information shared with the Company during the term of this Contract. The Company has no rights to this information and shall not use it anywhere else except to complete the desired services. 

7. Representatives and Warranty

The Company represents and warrants that it has a right to enter into this Contract and perform the services. The Company agrees and further represents that the services conducted by the Company are not owned by anyone else without the Companys’ knowledge. In the event the Company does not have any rights, the Company shall repay the damages associated with the project. 

The Client represents and warrants that it has the right to use information including trade secrets, trademarks, logos, the content of the website. In the event the Client does not have any rights, the Client shall repay the damages associated with the project. 

8. Payment

All the fees shall be invoiced upon receiving the deliverables by the Client an amount of [Amount]. If the Client wishes to alter the work beyond the included edits, the Company shall still be owed all the fees invoiced before the additional edits are made.

9. Arbitration

In the event of any dispute arising in and out of this Contract between the Parties, it shall be resolved by Arbitration. There shall be [Number of Arbitrators] which shall be appointed by [Party(s) Name]. The place of Arbitration shall be [Place of Arbitration] and Seat shall be [State of 'State']. The arbitrators’ decision shall be final and will be binding upon both Parties.

10. Miscellaneous

  1. Severability: In the event, any provision of this Contract is deemed to be invalid or unenforceable, in whole or part, that part shall be severed from the remainder of this Contract and all other provisions shall remain in full force and effect as valid and enforceable.
  1. Governing Law: This Agreement shall be governed by and in accordance with the laws of [State].
  1. Notice: All the approvals notices required hereto by either of the Parties shall be deemed to be given and delivered by international courier or registered email respectively. 
  1. Modification: No modification of this Contract shall be made unless in writing signed by both Parties.
  1. Entire Agreement: The Parties acknowledge that this Contract sets forth and represents the entire Contract between both Parties. If the Parties are willing to change/add/modify any terms, they shall be in writing and signed by both Parties.

Acceptance and Signature

IN WITNESS THEREOF, the Parties agree to the terms and conditions set forth above as demonstrated by their signatures as follows:
Company Client
Assign signer 1
Assign signer 1
Assign signer 1
Assign signer 2
Assign signer 2
Assign signer 2
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DISCLAIMER: Revvsales, Inc is not a law firm. The content provided herein is for general information purposes only, and does not constitute legal advice. Revvsales, Inc and its partners make no representation or warranty of any kind, express or implied, regarding the accuracy, adequacy, validity, reliability, availability, or completeness of any information mentioned hereunder. The use or reliance of any information contained herein is for your personal use and solely at your own risk. You agree to fully release and indemnify Revvsales, Inc from any liability associated with the use of this content. You are advised to obtain independent legal advice before taking or refraining from any action on the basis of the content provided here.
DISCLAIMER: Revvsales, Inc is not a law firm. The content provided herein is for general information purposes only, and does not constitute legal advice. Revvsales, Inc and its partners make no representation or warranty of any kind, express or implied, regarding the accuracy, adequacy, validity, reliability, availability, or completeness of any information mentioned hereunder. The use or reliance of any information contained herein is for your personal use and solely at your own risk. You agree to fully release and indemnify Revvsales, Inc from any liability associated with the use of this content. You are advised to obtain independent legal advice before taking or refraining from any action on the basis of the content provided here.

Free Facebook Marketing Contract Template

Our neatly designed Facebook marketing contract template helps you to create a winning contract in no time. Leverage this fully-customizable template, send it for eSign, and close deals faster.

What is a Facebook marketing contract?

A Facebook marketing contract is a legally binding agreement between a social media service provider/digital marketing freelancer and a client. This agreement highlights your:

  • Strengths and experience in running successful Facebook marketing campaigns like Facebook ads for branding videos, product awareness, product sales, etc.

  • Accomplishments and analytics of previous campaigns 

  • Company’s and team’s capabilities

  • Other business-related information including payment, clauses, and terms and conditions

Why is the Facebook marketing contract important?

A Facebook marketing contract sets the right work expectations between social media marketing agencies and customers. It brings transparency and confidence between both parties. 

The contract explains your marketing campaign services and the expected results you will deliver as a digital marketer or social media marketing agency.

Similarly, to a client, a contract provides clarity on the expected services along with the deliverables.

Above all, this agreement acts as a reference point to establish an accountable and professional relationship between an agency and a client.

Steps to create a Facebook marketing contract

Here are how to structure and write a Facebook marketing contract:

Title page/Cover page 

This is the opening page your prospective client will notice. It includes elements like the company's logo, company's name, client's name, and the name of the contract.

Tip: Visualization plays a key role in digital marketing services. Design your cover page with the right image and icons to impress the prospective client right at the beginning.

Table of Contents (TOC)

List the sections in a structured table format. It helps the prospective client to quickly navigate to the information they are looking for. A TOC is usually recommended if your contract exceeds 3-4 pages. 

Executive Summary

A compelling executive summary sparks your client’s interest in your services. It presents the purpose of the entire agreement and sums up all the services to be offered to your prospective client. It should be written concisely as you will elaborate on the points in the subsequent sections.

About Company

This is an important section as it gives an overview of your company to the prospective client. This is the time to get your story heard. Include your:

  • Business vision and mission

  • Brand story

  • Unique value proposition 

  • Marketing and advertising skills

  • Existing customers/users  

  • Target audience 

  • The type of industry you serve

  • Goals and strategies

Facebook Marketing Services

This section of the marketing contract includes the services you will offer throughout the contract period. Include all the marketing services your agency will deliver, for example:

  • Website design

  • Content writing

  • Facebook ads

Project Objectives

List down the outcome of your Facebook marketing/advertising campaign. This is a crucial part of the Facebook marketing contract. It boosts your prospective client’s confidence to spend on your services. Depending upon the business needs of your prospective client, the objectives may differ, for example:

  • Increasing impressions of the target business page from ‘X’ to ‘Y’ number

  • Driving ‘X’ conversions in sales

  • Increasing the engagement

  • Increasing the number of sign-ups and subscriptions


This is where you take a deep dive and explain the ‘how’ part of your service. Explain in detailed steps how your social media marketing agency plans to achieve the business needs of your prospective client, for example:

  • Profiling the target audience (TA) based on location, age, gender, etc.

  • Researching about the target audience, their likes, and what they respond to and why

  • Creating the marketing campaign

  • Launching and reaching out to the TA through the right tactics

  • Reporting, monitoring, analytics, and modifications to the campaign

About Team

Leave a good impression of your team members to your prospective client. It convinces your prospective client that their business is in the right hands. 

In this section elaborate on the skills and capabilities of your team members, and their role in delivering each service. Do add professional photos of your team members.

Tip: Add the contact details like email id and phone number to help your client reach out to the team when required.

Proof of Work

Do add the success numbers of your past projects. Include the outcomes like how they impacted sales, conversions, and business growth for clients.

Customer Testimonials

A good advocate of your services helps you to establish credibility about your brand, your services, and the work culture in your company. Add testimonials from your happy customers regarding how you have successfully devised and implemented various Facebook/social media campaigns for them. If you have any recorded video testimonials available online, link them to ‘wow’ the buyer party.


Be very specific and clear while listing down the pricing details, for example: 

  • Mention clearly the payment schedule for your contract, whether it  will be monthly, quarterly, or annually

  • Does it require you to add your client’s credit card information to the Facebook ads account 

  • The applicable taxes along with the total fees 

  • Modes of payment of fees

  • The terms regarding payment like the window within which the client should pay after the invoice’s release

It paints a clear picture of the total investment for the buying party. Keep the pricing information in an itemized tabular format for easy understanding, and leave no room for confusion.

Terms and Conditions

This section mentions all the terms and conditions that will govern the overall agreement like:

  • The period of the contract 

  • Notice period to be given by either party before the termination 

  • Confidentiality clause 

  • Intellectual property rights of the content and design materials created

Acceptance and Signature

This is the final section where the agreement turns into a legal document after it gets signed by both parties. Add signature boxes that have elements: name of the company, name of the signing parties, the date on which the deal is signed, and a space to sign the agreement. Do add a final call to action to boost the parties to sign the deal. 

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Revv facilitates real-time discussions with your team members within the document. Our collaboration features like @mentions (for tagging), notes, and attachments help you to converse easily and create a flawless facebook marketing agreement in a flash.

Legally-compliant electronic signatures:

Revv’s legally-compliant eSignatures empower each signing party (the agency and the client) to sign the agreement online from anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Each party receives email notifications with a link to access and sign the document.

After the Facebook marketing contract is signed by both parties, each party can access the ‘Evidence Summary Certificate.’ It contains audit trails of the entire eSigning event like the document presented, signer information, signer actions, along with the date and time stamp of each event. It acts as the proof of authenticity.

Real-time activity tracking on the Facebook marketing agreement:

Using the ‘Activity’ feature, you can keep track of each event that took place on the document, for example, when the agreement was opened and by whom, when was it signed, etc.

Integration of business apps with Facebook marketing contract template:

If you want to import some data from your business apps like CRM, HRIS, Google Sheets, etc. you can do so by integrating them using Revv’s Data Studio feature. It is a no-code feature with simple drag-and-drop options to sync the data between Revv and third-party apps.

Bonus! Leverage these free digital marketing and social media marketing contract and proposal templates:

Contract templates:

Proposal templates:

Know more about creating a legally-binding marketing contract and automating the contract process. 

Frequently asked questions

What should be in a social media marketing contract?

Want to win your prospective client? Here are the sections you should include in a social media marketing contract - Title page, Executive summary, About Company, Team introduction, Explanation of each service to be provided, Timelines, Proof of work, Pricing, Terms & conditions, and Signature.

How do you write a social media contract?

A social media contract must include the following - Cover page, Executive Summary, Company introduction, Scope of social media project, Service deliverables and timelines, Past success, Customer testimonials, Pricing details, Terms & conditions, and Signature.

What should a marketing contract include?

marketing contract must include the necessary details to make your client notice you. Here are the key elements - Cover page, About Company, Scope of work, Timeline details,  Payment, Exclusive rights, Proprietary information, Cancellation policy, Intellectual property rights, Limitation of liability, Severability clause, and Signature.