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Home improvement contracts need a structure, they are the foundation of a job well done

Behind every good home improvement project is a contract!

If the multitude of home improvement television shows are any indicator, you will undertake a home improvement project sooner or later! And any repair, remodeling, altering, converting, modernizing, or adding to a residential property requires a written contract. In fact this is mandated by laws in some US states, for example in California and Massachusetts, all such jobs over $500 and $1000, respectively, require a home improvement contract. A new or grounds up construction may not need a home improvement contract, but all the following do - remodeling that involves erection, replacement or improvement of either interior or exterior of the property. The exterior includes driveways, swimming pools, terraces, patios, and more including even fences. Nevertheless, it is just good sense to consider a contract for every job, regardless of the price.

Here's what makes a good home improvement contract

Address details:

Full names, federal ID (where applicable), postal addresses, of both the homeowner and contractor. The contractor's registration number (on the first page), the salesperson involved, and the date the contract was executed by the parties.

Payment schedule:

Estimated Start/End date for the project, total cost, down payments (some states limit this amount). Schedule of work and associated payments with the dates and the amount of each payment stated in dollars, including finance charges.

Project Detail:

Description of the work to be done, equipment being used or installed. Include materials to be used being specific about the weight, brand name and other identifying features. Add in details like cleanup and removal of debris and materials expected.


Specify all warranties on the owner's rights, the warranty offered by the contractor for labor and materials, and any manufacturer warranties. Include limitations and how long the warranty is effective.

Change Orders:

If the contract price or scope of work needs to change, it has to be done via a Change Order, and signed by both the parties so that it becomes a part of the initial contract.

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