Templates library
  • 21 Apr 2021
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Templates library

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Templates provide consistency and efficiency to your business requirements. Revv offers you a library of 1000+ free, ready-to-use document templates that you can use to create your business documents. Revv templates are tailored for all the industries and departments and these templates are verified by our legal experts as per the standard legal content as per the USA employment regulations.


You can create your own templates by using our easy-to-use document blocks and you can also customize any templates to create business documents for all the fields.

Benefits of Revv's templates library

Fulfils all business requirements

Our library contains tailor-made templates for all the types of businesses and their requirements. You can select any templates and start customizing them to put your details or information.

Saves time and effort

These templates provide you with a definite structure and credibility for your documents. This library simplifies the process of creating documents and helps you save costs and time.

Provides consistency and uniformity

Revv templates provide you with consistency and uniformity. They allow you to adhere to a standard document writing and formatting styles thus creating a brand standard among your customers.

Reduces errors and increase flexibility

Revv's ready-to-use templates have high-quality standards and contain all details and relevant information. You can also add your customized elements by using document blocks to templates thus providing you flexibility.

Using our templates library

To access the templates library, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Revv by using your credentials.

  2. Click Templates.


  3. Click Templates library. You will be redirected to a new page that contains all our templates for your use.

  4. You can search for any templates by typing their name and select the suitable template from the displayed suggestions.


  5. Now, the templates are classified into two sections:

    • Featured: You can view our featured templates that are recommended for your daily business requirements such as commercial proposals, employee agreements, and so on.
    • Browse by category: You can also select a template for your specific business requirements under this section. Here, we have categorized templates according to various business departments such as the Marketing category contains templates of digital marketing, event marketing, and so on, the HR category contains templates of appointment letters, employment agreements, and so on, and the Sales category contains templates of sales proposals, master service agreements, and so on.
  6. If you want to use a template of proposals for your Sales team, then click Sales and select Commercial Proposal.

  7. You can perform the following operations on this template:

    • Click Add to my templates to add this template to your My templates section. This facilitates you to directly access the document from the My templates section without going through the hassle of selecting the template again from the library.

    • Click Create document from template to convert this template to a document. This allows you to directly edit the document and also it gets saved under your Documents section.

    • Click Share to copy the link to the document to share it with other stakeholders.


The templates library is frequently updated and new templates are added to it. These simple, reliable, and easy-to-use templates provide you with an easy way to create dynamic and credible business documents.

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