July Updates
  • 11 Dec 2020
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July Updates

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Revv New Features and Improvements: Everything You Should Know

Find out what's new in Revv! This page contains information about new features, improvements, known issues, and bug fixes in each release. It's based on monthly updates and highlights the recent product developments. We suggest you regularly visit this page to know more about updates.

Here's the update on what's new in Revv in July 2020 Release

Option to Link Google Sheets as Document Blocks within Your Document

You can now link Google Sheets as document blocks within your document. Just drag-and-drop Google sheet blocks on to your document and link your existing sheet to that. It helps you bring in as many as the number of tables and quotes tables available in the sheets on to your Revv document. Once the sheet data has been added to your document, you can either unlink the source sheets or continue linking them. If the source sheet and document are linked, whatever changes you make in the source sheet will be updated in the document upon refresh.

Multiple Options for Sending Your Documents to Any One, Any Time

You can now choose whether you want to send your documents to others for review, collaboration, acceptance, or approval. The new send options Send to someone, Send for acceptance, Invite people, Send for approval,  Preview document are available under the Send button. Your receivers will get an e-mail with a unique document link accessible on mobile and desktop.

Revv Google Sheets

Send to someone

Send to someone option allows you to send your document to other users (both external and internal users) for reviewing or editing your documents.

Send for acceptance

If you want to send your documents for your stakeholders' acceptance, use this option. You can use this option when you want your stakeholders' acceptance, not signature for your documents. If you want to record your users' e-signature, use the existing e-Sign option.

Invite people

Invite people option allows you to send the document to internal users to collaborate on documents.

Send for approval

If you want to send your document to your internal stakeholders for their approval, use Send for approval option. It checks whether you have any approval workflows associated with the document, if yes, it sends the document to approvers for their approval. If no approval workflows are associated, then, your documents will be automatically approved.

Preview document

The preview view shows exactly how each page of your document in the pdf format will be visible to other users.

Introduced Activity Tab for Tracking Users' Activities on Documents

A new tab Activity is made available on the document tab for tracking the activities of the users on the document. You can get to know who opened the document, sent the document, signed the document, rejected the document, approved the document.

Revv Activity Tab

Here's the update on Improvements in Revv

Option to Allow Other Users to Edit the Documents

When you send your document to internal users who are part of your organization, you can now allow them to edit your documents.

Revv Recipient Details

Contextual Messages for Helping Users to Know about Preceding Activity on Documents

Revv now displays contextual UI messages to help users understand the preceding activities on a document. For example, if your document has already been approved, when you click on the Send for approval, it displays a message that your document has already been approved.

Revv preceding activity

Modified the Placement of Accept, eSign, Approve and Reject Buttons

The Accept, eSign, Approve, and Reject options for reviewers and signers are available and displayed at the bottom of the document as a band. 

Revv Accept/Reject Document

Team Tab Now Lists All Collaborators on Your Document

The team tab available on the right pane of the Document page now lists all collaborators on your document.

Option to Hide the Turnaround Date for Documents

Revv now allows you to hide the turnaround date for your documents.

E-mail Automation Support

Revv sends automated e-mails to users right after each important action on the document.

Other Improvements and Bug Fixes

The July release also fixed a couple of minor bugs.

  • Cancel option is replaced with Edit document option in the eSign confirmation pop up.
  • Modified the UX message for de-activating a user.
  • The issue in displaying the time and date in the last updated column on the Documents page has been resolved.
  • The issue in the functioning of Delete action for the clause option has been resolved.
  • The issue in document sharing post-acceptance has been resolved.

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