Map your CSV data to Revv’s Templates using Data Studio
  • 09 May 2022
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Map your CSV data to Revv’s Templates using Data Studio

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Article Summary

If you have all your business data in CSV files, then Revv will help you to create professional documents with the help of Data Studio in Templates.

Follow these steps to map your CSV data:

  1. Log in to your Revv account. 

  2. Go to the Templates tab in the left navbar. 

  3. Open a template that contains any of the following elements - Form Fields, Signature blocks, Tables, or Meta fields.
  4. Go to the Data Studio tab. 
  5. Click the CSV box

  6. Go to the Upload Sheet field on the left side of the screen.
  7. Click Select and drop a sheet here.
  8. Select a CSV file from your system and click Open. The CSV file will be uploaded to Data Studio.
  9. Click Sync Fields. All the column headers in the CSV files will be listed in the Unassigned fields box below. 

  10. Map the CSV header fields to the fields in the Revv template.
  11. Once done, click Sync Now

After a successful sync, the results will be in the form of spreadsheets where the first row is the mapped Revv fields. Each column will contain the CSV’s field values with respect to the Revv field mapping.

Further, you can take bulk actions on the data like creating documents, sending them for eSignatures, and more.

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