Introduction to Pipelines in Revv
  • 21 Feb 2022
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Introduction to Pipelines in Revv

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Article summary

Most operations never stop at just creating a document. It might be the trigger for other associated jobs to be done. Managing your document lifecycle and controlling its movement through different stages in your organization is crucial. 

Creating and collaborating, sending and notifying, tracking, signing/collecting, and storing your electronic documents usually require time and effort from your personnel.

Consider these examples,  

  • A company’s HR Team has to notify the admin and payroll team about a new employee joining after the employee has signed the necessary documents. 
  • After closing a deal with a client via eSignatures, the sales team has to inform the Accounts team about the deal, and also send the invoice to the client.

Automating all these processes and taking an operation to the finishing line can be a daunting task. 

But, not with Revv! 

Revv’s Pipeline feature is your one-stop solution to automate your entire document workflow and reduce repetitive tasks. Pipelines create immense possibilities to automate the associated workflows when a document reaches a new milestone.

Pipelines help you in:

  • Provides one-view of all the documents in their organization
  • Automating processes and eliminating human errors
  • Reducing repetitive tasks
  • Saving time and cost-effective
  • Boosting productivity
  • Organizing your documents
  • Achieving a well-structured document workflow

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