Exporting data
  • 11 Mar 2021
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Exporting data

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Article Summary

You can directly download the data of your documents from the Documents page. To download the metadata, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Revv using your credentials.
  2. Click Documents
  3. Select the document whose metadata you want to download. 
  4. Click Export Metadata.

You have successfully downloaded the metadata of your documents.


  • You can also select multiple documents.
  • If you select a folder, then the metadata of all the documents available in the folder is downloaded.
  • The metadata is downloaded in a CSV file.

Details in the CSV file

The downloaded CSV file contains the following details:

S. No.DetailDescription
1Created onDate and time when the metadata is created
2Updated onDate and time when the metadata was last updated
3Created byName of the organization that has created the document
4Document creation dateDate and time when the document is created
5Document IDUnique ID of the document
6Document ownerName of the document's owner
7Entity frequencyNo. of times the same entity is repeated in the document
8Entity nameName of the entity
9Entity typeType of the entity
10Entity valueValue of the entity

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