• 06 Apr 2021
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The Documents page allows you to create new documents, view previously-created documents, create new folders, and perform various operations on your documents.

After you have logged in to Revv, a sample document and folder are created by default in your account. The Documents page looks as follows:

S. No.TitleDescription
1AllClick this button to view all the documents that you have created in this account. 
2Search barSearch all your documents and folders that you have created by using a document's or folder's name or by using the name of collaborators.
3Create document Click this button to create a new document.
4TitleThis column contains the title of a document. To view a document, click the name of the document.
Check the checkbox beside Title to select all the documents and to select only a specific document, check the checkbox beside the name of the document.
5TagsTags help you classify or identify documents into different types and by using these, you can classify your documents into contracts, proposals, quotes, and so on.
You can also create your custom tags. To know how to create custom tags, click here.
6StatusThe status of a document tells you about where your document is such as whether it is in draft, has been sent, and so on.
7Last updatedThis column displays the recent date and time when the document is updated.
8Customize columnsClick this icon to add more columns that can be displayed in the details of the document. You can add columns such as Tags, Status, Last updated, Document ID, and Turn around date.
9FoldersHere you can view all the folders that you have created. To create a new folder, click Add new and enter the name of the folder.
10Linked foldersEach folder in this section represents an opportunity that is linked to a CRM and each folder contains files of that particular opportunity only.

When you hover over the details of a document, you can see the following options on the right side of the bar:

S. No.IconDescription

Click this icon to add recipients and their details to your document who receives an email with the link to this document.

2Click this icon to download your document.
3Click this icon to delete your document.
4Click this icon to rename your document, add collaborators to your document, clone your document, and move your document to a folder.

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