Can I Use Google Sheets within Revv Documents?
  • 11 Dec 2020
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Can I Use Google Sheets within Revv Documents?

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Article Summary

Yes, Revv supports Google Sheets within Revv documents. If you have any existing Google Sheets, price calculations, or any similar data in Sheets, you can link it to Revv document.

Once the sheets data has been added to your document, you can either unlink the source sheets or continue linking them. If the source sheets and documents are linked, whatever changes you make in the source sheet will be updated in the document upon refresh.

To link existing Google Sheets within your document:

  1. Drag-and drop Link to Google Sheet block on to your document.
    Revv Link GoogleSheet
  2. Click Connect to Google Sheet.
    Revv Connect Google Sheet

  3. Click and select the sheet you want to link.
  4. Mark and enable Use the first row as header option if you want to use the first row in the sheet as the header of the table in the document.
  5. Click Sync selected sheet to synchronize the sheet in the document.
    Congrats! Your Google Sheet is now linked to your document.
  6. Click Show in the document.
    Revv Google Sheet Linking
    The selected sheet data is added to the document as a table.
  7. To reflect the changes you make in the source sheet within the document table, click Refresh and resync.

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